Sandy Tsuneyoshi, Ph.D. was born and raised in Honolulu, HI and whose grandparents emigrated from Japan and parents were born on sugar plantations on the island of Hawaii.  While her doctorate is in clinical psychology, she spent the majority of her career working at Michigan State, University of Oregon, and Oregon State specializing in psychotherapy, outreach, retention, and leadership development of domestic and international Asian and Pacific Islander and other students of color. She was a part of the American Citizens for Justice organized after Vincent Chin’s murder in Detroit and her MSU students helped to get his case to be tried as a civil rights case.  Sandy’s proudest accomplishment was successfully representing herself and winning a discrimination suit against the U.S. Govt. Department of Veterans Affairs. Her adopted children from American Samoan and Okinawa are beautiful mixtures of Okinawan, Filipino, Spanish, Samoan, Chinese, German, and English.