Toni Tabora-Roberts has more than 25 years experience working in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors doing leadership development, program management, communications, community engagement, and organizational development. She founded Esper House in 2015. She has particular passion for arts, culture, media, education, sustainability, and social justice. Her approach is grounded in interpersonal connections, experiential engagement, collaboration, care, and culturally responsive, strengths-based facilitation. Toni’s approach is influenced by and interdependent with the work of adrienne maree brown, Prentis Hemphill, Tema Okun, Kenneth Jones, Christina Baldwin, and numerous people she has been blessed to learn from and co-create with over the years. She has worked with diverse organizations including Alliance for Community Media, City of Hillsboro, City of Portland, HomePlate, Independent Publishing Resource Center, Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Metro, Portland State University Graphic Design Dept, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Shaking the Tree Theatre, and Unit Souzou. She is a board member for APANO Communities United Fund, a member of the American Leadership Forum-Oregon Class 40, and is a core member of Arts Workers for Equity. Toni is also a mama, creative, and explorer with her daughter and husband in Portland, OR.


Pronouns: She/her/hers