Dr. Wei-Wei Lou is a Chinese native who worked as a teacher in China for 11 years and a school administrator in Portland Public Schools and Beaverton School District for 27 years. 

Wei-Wei worked as a Senior Evaluation Specialist responsible for program evaluation and Title Program Director in Portland Public Schools.  She became the Director of English Language Education Department in Beaverton School District before she retired. She had experiences in designing, developing, planning and implementing numerous federal and state funds and programs.  Wei-Wei has focused on education resource equity and high-quality education as a professional and life long purpose. 

She taught Chinese language, Chinese literature, ESOL Leadership, and Culture and Diversity. She has teaching experiences in K to 12 as well as higher education. She has been a teacher trainer in a variety of topics such as Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, Text Analysis, and Constructing Meaning. Wei-Wei also had many years of experiences conducting program evaluations of teacher conducted action researches, curriculum models, implementation of innovative classroom instructions, and assessment tools. 

Wei-Wei strongly believes in learner-centered classrooms and school environment where teaching and learning address the needs of diverse learners. Equity is the most important aspect in a classroom and remains as a focus in Wei-Wei’s instruction practices. Wei-Wei is also a strong advocate for student success, learner motivation, classroom equity, and high-quality learning experiences for all students.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers