Chi Nguyen is the Executive Director at APANO, a first-generation Vietnamese-American, and a proud product of Portland Public Schools. Seeking political asylum, she and her family moved to Portland in 1990. They came empty-handed but, like many others, with hearts full of passion for democracy and the will to work to earn a place in the land of opportunity. Chi believes in cross-pollinating her private sector experience with public service in order to create shared values. Prior to APANO, Chi founded several startups, including AutoMedic, Inc. and Zenchi, LLC, after working in the corporate world to bring EV infrastructure, vanpooling, and carsharing to large employers in Oregon and SW Washington. Chi earned her MBA from Willamette University with Honors after receiving her Honors of Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University. She continues to serve as a Contributing Assistant Professor for Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette. Her latest and greatest accomplishment is becoming an EV-angelist as a proud owner of an electric vehicle.

Gender pronouns: She/her/hers