Hevani was born in Portland, Oregon but spent most of her childhood in Modesto, California.  She moved back to Oregon in 2009 and has been here ever since. Growing up as a multiracial woman of color in both a diverse and a predominantly white state has fostered a passion in Hevani for social justice and influenced her to get involved in advocating for marginalized communities. In addition, growing up as the oldest of three sisters has taught her the importance of role models for youth of color. 

She recently graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.  It was here where she learned the importance of community organizing. During her time at Oregon State, she was involved in a number of student groups such as the Pacific Islander Club, the Black Student Union, and Dam Diverse Dance.  In addition, Hevani was a student leader through OSU’s department of Diversity and Cultural Engagement and utilized her position to push for change for students of color.  

Hevani is excited to be a part of the APANO team and vision.  Through philanthropy, she hopes to build relationships, maintain strong connections, and extend APANO’s reach.

Gender pronouns: She/her/hers