Maiyee (they/she) is a second-generation Chinese-American and has lived in Oregon their entire life. They have had the privilege of working with diverse Asian communities throughout their professional journey from student clubs and the department of Diversity & Cultural Engagement at Oregon State University to neighborhood organizing and greening in the Jade District and program integration efforts between teams at APANO. 

In their current role as Culture, Equity, and Integration (CEI) Manager, Maiyee is focused on supporting staff capacity and wellness through integrating principles of collective care, healing, and learning into organizational systems and culture. She is a strong believer that healing one’s self is also healing one’s community as self and community are never separate.

Her knowledge and practices draw strongly from the intersectional writings of adrienne maree brown, Grace Lee Boggs, and bell hooks and shared conversations and social media posts with friends. In addition to reading books on healing and “self-help”, Maiyee also enjoys getting delicious foods and goodies from local BIPOC small businesses and various pop-ups & farmers markets across the Portland/Metro area. 

Pronouns: they/them and she/hers