To reflect on an almost indescribable year, APANO asked Arts & Media Project member, Jenny M. Chu, to write a poem that captures some of what this year has meant. Designer Paola De La Cruz designed and illustrated the poem.

This year, our bodies marked in grief

in loss of breath, we

worry about our families, our parents. We worry about
our kids and their education. We worry about work, if
we’ll have a home. We worry about tomorrow.

We worry

and worry

and worry

but what is on the other side of

this worry?

Simple things. Daylight. Breathable air. Rain, and
drinkable water. A phone conversation. Our children
growing everyday. Our neighbors. Solidarity in marching.
The cashiers, mail carriers, nurses, doctors, food
delivery drivers––all of them holding the frontlines.

We extend toward each other even in distance, even
when we cannot touch, and people sewing masks
because of care, because

your breath

is my breath

is our breath

Written by APANO AMP member: Jenny M. Chu