Here we are again: Midterm Elections. What is this about? Didn’t we just vote two years ago?

Midterm elections are “off-year” elections that occur in the middle of a Presidential term. Locally this year we are electing members of the Oregon State Legislature (which is the legislative branch). State Legislature consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Here’s a few notable officials who we get to vote for this year:

Primary Election Day is May 17, 2022. Right now we are voting for who represents us in the bipartisan races; meaning who represents the Democrat, Republican, and other party affiliations during the General Election in November.

We know that every election is a chance to show our character. Our leaders are meant to be reflections of us, both as who we are and what we look like. For Black, Indigenous, and People of Color that is still rarely the case. 

The Midterm Elections are another chance to let people know who we really are as Oregonians. In 2022, we’re fighting for the candidates who fearlessly show up as their authentic selves–these are the ones who will reflect us the best. Here’s who we are fighting for this Primary Election:

Clackamas County

  • Oregon House District 41 – Kaliko Castille
  • Oregon Senate District 13 – Aaron Woods
  • Clackamas County Commissioner – Libra Forde

Clatsop and Columbia Counties

  • Oregon Senate District 16 – Melissa Busch

Marion County

  • Oregon House District 19 – Jackie Leung
  • Oregon Senate District 10 – Deb Patterson
  • Salem City Council Ward 6 – Stacey Vieyra-Braendle

Multnomah County

  • Metro Council president – Lynn Peterson
  • Metro Council District 1 – Ashton Simpson
  • Metro Council District 6 – Duncan Hwang
  • Oregon House District 33 – Maxine Dexter
  • Oregon House District 34 – Lisa Reynolds
  • Oregon House District 38 – Daniel Nguyen and Neelam Gupta
  • Oregon House District 45 – Thuy Tran
  • Oregon House District 46 – Khanh Pham
  • Oregon House District 47 – Andrea Valderrama
  • Oregon House District 48 – Hoa Nguyen 
  • Portland City Commission Position 2 (at large) – AJ McCreary
  • Portland City Commission Position 3 (at large) – Jo Ann Hardesty
  • Multnomah County Chair (at large) – Lori Stegmann and Jessica Vega Pederson
  • Multnomah County Commission District 2 – Susheela Jayapal


  • Oregon Labor Commissioner – Christina Stephenson
  • Governor – Tina Kotek

Washington County

  • Washington County District Attorney – Brian Decker
  • Oregon House District 30 – Nathan Sosa
  • Oregon House District 35 – Zelos Marchandt and Farrah Chaichi
  • Oregon House District 36 – Hai Pham
  • Metro Council District 4 – Juan Carlos González
  • Beaverton City Council (at large) – Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg

What can we do?

To vote in this bipartisan race, you must be a registered voter in Oregon! Register to vote or update your registration by April 26 at 

In the meantime, join our APANO Kickoff on April 5 on zoom. Come funbank with us and meet some of our endorsed candidates! Register here:

Let’s make this election count! See you on the campaign trails.




This programming message brought to you by APANO, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.