Our endorsement applications for the November 2022 Primary Election are officially open! If you are a candidate who is running for an elected office please read our Candidate Endorsement Packet to begin the process of earning APANO’s endorsement! Endorsement interviews will be completed on zoom August 15th – 19th. Priority deadline for applications is August 5, 2022. We will accept applications until August 31, 2022 but will only schedule interviews as our capacity allows. Please send all application materials to Marchel Marcos, Political Director at marchel@apano.org. 

APANO’s political program is community-based, multi-issue and guided by APANO’s mission, vision and values. Our endorsement process reflects our work and priorities in local, state and national politics and is non-partisan.

Our goals through this process are to:

  1. Strengthen your relationship between APANO members, board, and staff
  2. Educate elected officials and candidates on the issues APANO members and Asian & Pacific Islander communities are facing
  3. Expand opportunities for Asian and Pacific Islander political engagement

Here are our current endorsements so far (carried over from Oregon’s Primary Election):

Clackamas County

  • Oregon Senate District 13 – Aaron Woods
  • Clackamas County Commissioner – Libra Forde
  • Clackamas County Clerk – Catherine McMullen

Clatsop and Columbia Counties

  • Oregon Senate District 16 – Melissa Busch

Marion County

  • Oregon Senate District 10 – Deb Patterson

Multnomah County

  • Oregon House District 33 – Maxine Dexter
  • Oregon House District 34 – Lisa Reynolds
  • Oregon House District 38 – Daniel Nguyen
  • Oregon House District 45 – Thuy Tran
  • Oregon House District 46 – Khanh Pham
  • Oregon House District 47 – Andrea Valderrama
  • Oregon House District 48 – Hoa Nguyen 
  • Portland City Commission Position 3 (at large) – Jo Ann Hardesty
  • Multnomah County Chair (at large) – Jessica Vega Pederson


  • Oregon Labor Commissioner – Christina Stephenson
  • Governor – Tina Kotek

Washington County

  • Oregon House District 30 – Nathan Sosa
  • Oregon House District 35 – Farrah Chaichi
  • Oregon House District 36 – Hai Pham
  • Beaverton City Council (at large) – Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg

There is so much at stake this election and many urgent issues that we need our elected leaders to take action on! Our communities deserve to feel safe, have access to affordable housing, childcare, and be heard at decision making tables.

APANO Community members are welcome to join our endorsement interview committees! Held virtually from August 15-19 from 4-8 pm Pacific Time. You call the shots–join a committee to interview candidates, and decide with us who our endorsed candidates will be for this election! Sign up here: https://bit.ly/EndorseGeneral22 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Our votes matter. Our values-led work matters. We deserve to have our voices heard, and we deserve to feel seen by our elected leaders.

Our rights are on the line. Come support the fight in November! 

To learn more or get involved with our candidate endorsement process or our greater c4 political program, contact Marchel Marcos, Political Director, at marchel@apano.org.


Download Endorsement Application Here


This programming message is brought to you by APANO, a 501c4 nonprofit organization.