Yahong, Beilei, and the Journey to 10,000 Masks Made with Love

Thousands of masks have been sewn by members of Portland’s Chinese community, and have been donated all across the globe – from China to Portland. Their masks have reached all different communities in Portland, from local firefighters, teachers, postal workers, to the Pacific Islander community and more. Yahong Neirynck and […]

We can achieve together what we can’t alone: a talk with Sandra Jeong

Sandra Jeong-Lane is a proud APANO member. She identifies as Korean-American, and works professionally as a Union Labor Educator.

You’ve been a union organizer for over 10 years. What does labor organizing look like in the time of COVID-19? 

The principle at the core of the labor movement is that we can achieve […]

Resiliency is Spaciousness – a Talk with Jenny Chu

Jenny Chu is a member of APANO’s Arts & Media Project (AMP), radical thinker, community convener, activist, and writer who identifies as Chinese-American raised by immigrant parents. She brings people together as the Community Engagement Manager at Write Around Portland (WAP), a core committee member of Arts Workers for Equity (AWE), as […]

Our Health Should Not Be Tied to Race or Class – A Conversation with Alyshia Macaysa

Alyshia Alohalani Macaysa-Feracota is a community organizer and freelance Health Equity strategist. Alyshia’s work, consciousness, and power is rooted in her lineage as a Queer Native Hawaiian Filipina and her journey in understanding the continued physical and spiritual displacement of her people.

You drive racial equity centered strategies through various work groups in Portland. […]

Make some noise with Kittie Kong!

Kittie is so passionate about civic engagement that she packed everything she owned into her car and moved to Oregon because she “wanted to do something that was more community facing.” 

When she arrived, she was unemployed but excited about the possibility of creating change in her community. Once she became settled […]

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