Jade International Night Market: Anchoring our community through celebration

by Todd Struble
Jade District Manager

The mission of the Jade District is rooted in building power in our community and fighting displacement pressures on folks that live in the area around Southeast 82nd Avenue and Division Street. As part of that mission, we understand that the community which is most affected by investments […]

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Building a Community Gathering Place

by Melissa Magana
Office & Events Manager

Of APANO’s numerous accomplishments this year, perhaps the most visible one is the successful launch and operation of our temporary community space– fondly called JAMS. By creating a gathering place for our communities, we are also building broader opportunities to engage, educate, and empower. This unique opportunity […]

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Small Business Spotlight: Mojo Crepes

by Merrie-Chris Agag
Jade District Coordinator

Jonathan Hopkins, the owner of Mojo Crepes, has been in the business for six years. Mojo Crepes is located on 84th and Division, where his main target audience has been the Asian community. He wanted to focus more on the Asian population because the demographics in the Jade District are heavily […]

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Apply for the Resident Artist Collaborative: Placemaking Projects in East Portland

Cultural and Artistic Projects in the Jade District & Midway Districts

APANO and DMA are offering small grants to use to engage the community through art. These grants are meant for people who are connected to the neighborhood. Makers, performers, and artists, even those who don’t see themselves as traditional artists are strongly encouraged […]

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Request for Creative Projects Highlighting Pedestrian Safety in the Jade District

APANO is distributing a mini-grant to fund an imaginative community engagement project. We are inviting neighborhood residents, cultural performers, artists of various expressions, and those who create art but have not traditionally identified as an artist. Anyone who lives, works, or has a strong community connection to the Jade District is eligible to […]

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