Jen Tam is a Hawaii-born, Portland-based Asian American comedian and real live alien emoji. She is the producer and co-host of Portland’s very seriously-named monthly comedy extravaganza Am I Right Ladies? – A Totally Radical Feminist Comedy Showcase. Prior to dropping out of graduate school and recklessly pursuing comedy in the post-recession era, she was the weirdest and youngest employee at Portland City Hall by a million years. Jen is living proof that getting laid off by The Man is really, really cool. She is now a super famous actress and you can catch her in highly esteemed extras roles on television’s Grimm as “drunk girl at bar” and “drunk girl outside of bar.” Jen strongly identifies as a devoted ex-girlfriend and was voted Most Likely To Be a Tuna Sandwich in 2014. You can follow all of her wacky adventures and zany non-sequiturs on Twitter @jentamforever.

Katie Nguyen is a Portland-based comedian. She writes and performs stand-up, sketch, and improv, and is an ensemble member at the Brody Theater. Katie also writes and performs with the group Vestivus.