The Oregon 2023 special district election is here! We know there is a lot of detail coming your way, so we’ve put together a voter guide to support you in the information-gathering and decision-making process. We’ve designed our voter guide to share the candidates that will truly champion the issues that matter greatly to the Asian and Pacific Islander communities!

In all of Oregon’s 36 counties, the May 2023 special district election provides an opportunity for us to elect School Board members in our school districts that will make a difference in our public education system. Board members establish budget, curriculum, and set goals for the school system. They also act as advocates for our students to be heard. If properly supported and resourced, schools can be one of the first places that our children are challenged to learn, grow, and begin developing a sense of their place in the world and community.

At school, kids connect with others, have the opportunity to exercise their creativity, and begin adopting a world view that shapes our collective futures. Having school board members that are diverse, values driven, and aware of how our education system and curriculum needs to be changed can be one of the most radical ways to support social justice work now and in the future. 

In this election, APANO has endorsed 11 candidates for school boards in Multnomah and Washington County. We believe that these candidates will best meet the needs of our communities and help us create a public school system where students thrive and are empowered to learn!

APANO’s endorsement process is led by both staff and community members. Our goals through this process are:

  • Strengthen the relationship between APANO members, board, and staff
  • Educate elected officials and candidates on the issues APANO members and Asian and Pacific Islander communities are facing
  • Expand opportunities for Asian and Pacific Islander political engagement

Candidates participate in a thorough interview and vetting process to ensure alignment with APANO’s values and political goals, including:

  • Affordable housing
  • Accessible, affordable, and culturally specific childcare
  • Disaggregating Asian and Pacific Islander data
  • Community safety
  • Divesting resources from policing and prisons and reinvesting in the Black community
  • Increasing pay for legislators
  • Post-election accountability

APANO proudly endorses these 11 candidates for the May 2023 Special District Election.

Multnomah County

Ana Del Rocio | Multnomah County Commission, District 3  

Ana is a mother of two, a former teacher, and a former nonprofit executive director. The daughter of working-class immigrants, she attended the University of Southern California on a full academic scholarship at the age of sixteen. Upon graduation, she became the first person in her family to earn a college degree. She went on to graduate programs at Harvard Kennedy School and Pepperdine Caruso School of Law.

From local to regional to statewide volunteer positions, Ana is a deeply experienced public servant whose work has contributed to lasting improvements to Oregonians’ health, education, safety, and housing affordability.

Andrew Scott | PPS School Board Zone 1

Andrew Scott came up through Portland Public Schools, attending Capitol Hill K-5, Markham/Jackson 6-8, and graduating from Wilson High School (now Ida B. Wells-Barnett).

During his more than 20 years of public service, Andrew built a reputation for insisting on accountability, transparency, and results. Andrew knows setting high expectations for taxpayer-funded programs – and exceeding those expectations – is the best way to earn people’s trust.

Eddie Wang | PPS School Board Zone 7 

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Eddie grew up seeing first hand the effects of racism and de facto segregation in schools. To him, being an educator meant being able to tackle these issues on the ground. Since he started teaching in 2001, Eddie has consistently been vocal about the disparities in discipline among black and brown students when compared to their peers. While in North Clackamas, Eddie was appointed and involved in developing new science curriculum for the district that both addresses diversity as well as increases accessibility through an inquiry approach.

Gabriela Saldana-Lopez | David Douglas School Board

Gabriela has a strong commitment to the supporting community from a young age, earning the Alice E. Ott Award in Middle school that recognizes giving back to the community. This later developed into a passion to get people to exercise their right to vote, including young people and communities of color.

Gabriela has volunteered and worked for for many political campaigns and GOTV efforts with Oregon Student Association, Measure 88 (Driver Cards for All), East County Rising, and Measure 26-218 (Public Transportation Investment).

Over the years, she worked extensively on various issues such as climate change, education access, food justice and labor rights through her various roles. Including her current role at a Community Organizer at Oregon Food Bank.

Washington County

Tya Ping | THPRD

Tya Ping was elected to the THPRD board of directors in 2019. She is a mother of three young children, a health care provider, a community volunteer, and a longtime resident of Washington County who grew up enjoying Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District’s (THPRD) parks and programs.

Tya earned her Pharmacy Doctorate from Oregon State University and OHSU. She is now a clinical pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente. She has served on various boards including Beaverton City Library Advisory Board and Washington County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. She also is an avid volunteer within the Beaverton School District including teaching art literacy to elementary school children.

Maham Ahmed | Beaverton School Board Zone 3 

Maham believes that all students across the Beaverton School District deserve the chance to succeed and will support policies that can deliver long term results.

Maham has a strong budget and policy background working in federal government for the past 10 years, and will ask hard questions to evaluate if BSD policies and  programs are effectively serving our diverse communities.

Maham will “expand the table”, to allow space for voices that are seldom heard by the current school board

Melissa Potter | Beaverton School Board Zone 3 

Melissa Potter, and I’m running for the Beaverton School Board because we can create schools in which all of our students are welcomed, affirmed, safe and challenged to achieve their own greatness. To achieve this lofty goal, we need to place students at the center of all of our decision making.

As an educator of high school and college students in Oregon’s public school system for 20 years and as a parent of middle schoolers in the Beaverton School District, I have a unique understanding of the challenges educators, families and students face, including the social, emotional and academic issues confronting students daily.

Justice Rajee | Beaverton School Board Zone 6

I am running for Beaverton School Board because I want to collaborate with you to ensure our children have a high-quality education. I am a father of two, a husband, and I have a distinguished career in human service. I have lived in the Beaverton School District and have been an Oregon resident for 19 years. Throughout my life, I’ve made it my mission to listen and be the voice of community members as we take on issues side-by-side for the well-being of our kids.

Being your voice on the Beaverton School Board is my opportunity to return the love, knowledge, and guidance that was given to me by public schools. Like you, I believe our neighborhood public schools are our community’s most important investment in the growth, enrichment, and future success of youth.

Tammy Carpenter | Beaverton School Board Zone 7

I am a mom, a doctor, and a lifelong champion of women in the sciences and technology industries.  I know that when students and their families belong and get what they need in Beaverton’s schools, anything in possible. Building a path to academic success today leads to college and job training programs that help ALL of our students achieve their dreams. We need to ensure an equitable educational opportunity for every child.

See Eun Kim | Hillsboro School Board, Position 4

As a board member, I will continue to prioritize academic achievement and student success. I will work to ensure that all students are given opportunities from the beginning of their educational journey through Early Childhood Education to the end through graduation and providing Career and Technical Education (CTE). I will fight to allocate funding so that more dollars are reaching the classroom and improving the quality of education that our students are receiving. In addition, investing in teachers is an essential component to student success. Therefore, I will invest in teachers by implementing an effective strategy to recruit and retain teachers who are talented and committed to equity.

Maegan Vidal | West Linn Wilsonville School District Board Position 2

Vidal is a physician outreach and engagement advisor at Randall Children’s Hospital. Locally, she serves on the Lowrie Primary School parent-teacher association and the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation board.

“I want to bring my resilience and lived experience to the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. I will advocate for all children and add the lens of child advocacy to the hard decisions we face in the years ahead,” Vidal said in a press release.


Jenny Jonak | Eugene 4J School Board

I’m a mother, a lawyer, a Korean American, a nonprofit volunteer leader, and a determined,data-driven optimist. I ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to the responses.

I have a long track record of service in Lane County, and I’m running for a seat on the School Board for Eugene School District 4J, where three of my kids learn each day. I’m running because I believe our schools need collaborative, compassionate, courageous leaders.

I will work with everyone on the school board and in the Eugene community, and I will fight for all of our children. Every one. Our students deserve an excellent education, one that supports their unique interests and needs.

There are also a number of local measures on ballots this election. In Multnomah County, we are opposing the proposed capital gains tax.

🚫 NO on Ballot Measure 26-238

Remember: May 16, 2023 is Election Day and the last day for voters to return ballots! 

The deadlines have passed to register to vote in the election cycle, however if you registered by April 25 you should expect your ballot in the mail soon!

If you are mailing your ballot, postage is no longer required, but to be counted, completed ballots must be received at any county elections office in Oregon or at an Official Ballot Drop Site location by 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 16, 2023, or postmarked by Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Find your closest ballot box now!

Thank you for all that you do to ensure Oregon’s democracy works for the people. Together, we can take care of our children and our communities.

This programming message brought to you by APANO, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.