Nhi Nguyen is a Strategic Planning Consultant at Legacy Health, where she supports the leadership team in their decisions related to the strategic growth and business development. Her work portfolio includes facility planning, healthcare community needs assessment, partnership evaluation, and merger and acquisition planning. Nhi Nguyen has a strong passion for Healthcare as she understands many challenges that the industry is facing and the significant impacts it has on the community.

Nhi’s interest in nonprofit work was kindled since a young age by her mother’s active community involvement as a social worker in a rural village in Vietnam. Nhi moved to Portland from Vietnam for her Master Degree in Financial Analysis at Portland State University. Here she continues to be involved in many activities in the Vietnamese community. In addition to her involvement with APANO, Nhi also serves on the Board of Maybelle Center for Community and runs her own business.

As a third-generation of a big Vietnamese family in the U.S. Nhi is the family’s bridge to connect the Vietnamese culture and the American lifestyle. As a mother of two boys, Liam and Louis, Nhi spends most of her free time learning, self-training how to be a “cool” mom, whom her boys could proudly introduce to their friends.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers