Secretary of State

Brad Avakian:

1. What racial/cultural/ethnic identities do you claim?

Avakian I am a 2nd generation Armenian-American.

2. There are over 800,000 People of Color in Oregon, and growing.  Generations of racial exclusion, exploitation and divestment have historically marginalized communities of color from the political process.  What steps will you take to engage communities of color?

Avakian As Secretary of State, I will be actively encouraging communities of color to participate in our democracy. I will work to make the voters’ pamphlet, and other state forms, available in first languages, and provide pre-paid postage on ballot return envelopes.

3. What are the root causes of racial inequities in Oregon?

Avakian Oregon has a long history of inequities in access to educational, civic, and economic opportunities. Our state has made great progress in recent years, and is moving towards a more inclusive and welcoming place where everyone has a voice in our democracy.

4. What is your response to comments that target and stereotype specific populations, such as immigrants and refugees to this country?

Avakian The un-American rhetoric of some candidates is simply unacceptable. As Secretary of State, I will fight to ensure every Oregonian has the opportunity to have their voice heard.

5. What solutions will you champion in response to the OHEA Mend the Gap Report highlighting the 383,000 uninsured Oregonians?  This includes COFA, immigrant, women and low-wage workers who face exclusions and barriers to healthcare.

Avakian I support healthcare for every Oregonian, including universal healthcare programs, and will continue to advocate for full coverage for everyone in this state.

6. What are your solutions to the Housing Crisis facing Oregonians?

Avakian Oregon needs significant improvements in our availability of affordable housing, emergency shelters, and treatment programs for those in need. Forcing so many of our residents to live on the streets in simply unacceptable. As Secretary of State, I will fight for each and every Oregonian.

7. What ideas do you have for improving curriculum to prepare our K-12 students to be business, political and social leaders in a racially and culturally diverse state?

Avakian As Secretary of State, I will create the Oregon Youth Vote, a new program to provide ballots for high school students to complete in every election. This will allow students to study the candidates, and discuss issues with their peers, teaching them the process and importance of voting.

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Brad Avakian:

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