On November 4th, Oregonians in Tigard and Southwest Portland will vote to elect a State Representative for District 35.  The race features incumbent Democrat Margaret Doherty and challenger Libertarian John Gerboth.  Each candidate was given equal opportunity to respond to APANO’s questionnaire, to engage more directly with Oregon’s 220,000 Asian and Pacific Islanders.  Their responses to 3 questions crafted by APANO members have been unedited and printed in full.  APANO makes no candidate endorsements, this information is solely for the purpose of voter education.

Margaret_DohertyMargaret Doherty (not pictured: John Gerboth)

1. Oregon currently graduates half of it’s English Language Learners, who make up 10% of the state’s K-12 student population. What policies will you support to ensure that students–including ones who identify as English Language Learner, have access to quality education and career-readiness programs after graduation? 

Doherty (D): We need to recruit bicultural,bilingual teachers, especially for the lower grades. When a ELL student gets a good basis of education in both languages, their educational results are better. Additional afterschool programs that emphasize homework and language skills helps with success. Classes for parents that introduces them to the American education culture could also help.

Gerboth (L): No Response

2. Access to quality, affordable, and culturally competent health care ensures Oregonians are able to thrive and contribute. Please explain the policies you will support to increase access to care, and address health disparities, specifically for immigrants and refugees.

Doherty (D): We need to make sure health care workers are trained in cultural issues to be able to give the patient quality, culturally sensitive care. Education on how to access care is esential to immigrants and refugees also needs to be developed.

Gerboth (L): No Response

3. What policies do you support to strengthen economic opportunity and jobs for all communities in Oregon?

Doherty (D): It would help if the drivers card initiative passes because it gives people the ability to get to work. Advocate groups could work with community colleges to help design courses that give people the skills for jobs that are available in their local communities.

Gerboth (L): No Response