On November 4th, Oregonians in Medford, Ashland and Jackson County will vote to elect a State Senator for District 3.  The race features incumbent Democrat Alan Bates and challenger Republican Dave Dotterrer.  Each candidate was given equal opportunity to respond to APANO’s questionnaire, to engage more directly with Oregon’s 220,000 Asian and Pacific Islanders.  Their responses to 3 questions crafted by APANO members have been unedited and printed in full.  APANO makes no candidate endorsements, this information is solely for the purpose of voter education.

Bates_DotterrerLeft to right: Alan Bates and Dave Dotterrer

 1. Oregon currently graduates half of it’s English Language Learners, who make up 10% of the state’s K-12 student population. What policies will you support to ensure that students–including ones who identify as English Language Learner, have access to quality education and career-readiness programs after graduation? 

Dave Dotterrer (R): No Response

Alan Bates (D): I support the recommendations from Rob Saxton which will front load ELL funding so students gain academic fluency as quickly as possible which we know has better outcomes. This proposal would also require districts to spend 90% of ELL money on actual ELL students and provide a bonus to districts when they graduate.

2. Access to quality, affordable, and culturally competent health care ensures Oregonians are able to thrive and contribute. Please explain the policies you will support to increase access to care, and address health disparities, specifically for immigrants and refugees.

Alan Bates (D): I championed Oregon’s healthcare transformation and the ACA’s rollout in Oregon so that every Oregonian could have access to the most affordable and best covered healthcare. I’ve also voted to provide access to critical health care and insurance for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians to make sure no child goes without seeing a doctor when sick, and insurance companies can’t deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. An important next step to getting Oregonians access to the care they need is to establish paid sick leave.

Dave Dotterrer (R): No Response

3. What policies do you support to strengthen economic opportunity and jobs for all communities in Oregon?

Dave Dotterrer (R): No Response

Alan Bates (D): I support raising the minimum wage to ensure all Oregonians are able to receive competitive, living wages. I am also very supportive of Treasurer Wheeler’s Opportunity Initiative which will generate income to be used to increase student aid grants and build and maintain the highly trained workforce that employers need.

For more information about APANO’s nonpartisan civic engagement program and our voter education materials, please contact Kathy Wai kathy@apano.org | 971-340-4861.