Project Description

De-Canon: A Visibility Project
Date: 2018
Location: Milepost 5, East Portland
Collaborators: Dao Strom and Neil Aitken

De-Canon: A Visibility Project was a pop-up library installation and social engagement project highlighting literary and cultural productions by writers and artists of color. Facilitated by two Portland-area writers, Neil Aitken and Dao Strom, De-Canon occupied the Arthaus Cafe and gallery space at local community center Milepost 5 for an initial three-month residency in 2018 that has expanded into an ongoing residency. Milepost 5 housed De-Canon’s collection of 200+ books by POC writers and artists, and De-Canon hosted discussion groups, workshops, free library/reading hours, shared workspace for writers, readings and other presentation events during the residency. An integral goal of the project was to activate this space for the local community, with a focus on centering and accessibility for POC creatives and East Portland communities of color, as well any others interested in engaging with POC literary arts.