How do communities of color remain resilient, adaptable, networked, and resourced during a global pandemic?

What is the just, equitable, and holistic world that BIPOC (Black, Indigeous, People of Color) communities envision and build?

How do we sustain community connections, engage in healing, and hold sanctuary for each other?

The Resilience Series is a BIPOC-only, free, monthly, online, public program where folks come together to learn, share resources, enjoy stories, and compassionately reflect. Please join us!

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What can I expect during a Resilience Series gathering?

The Resilience Series happens online every second Wednesday of the month and usually runs in the early evening. The Resiliences Series includes presentations from community speakers about a relevant and poignant topic, followed by facilitated participatory breakout rooms where attendees share their reflections and thoughts. The Resilience Series is a BIPOC-only space that embraces a collaborative and non-hierarchical learning model: nobody knows everything, together we know a lot. We encourage you to inquire deeply, dream fearlessly, and collectively imagine the just, equitable, and holistic world that you actually want to live in.

How did the Resilience Series begin?

The Resilience Series started in April 2020 as a response to the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders. April 2022 will be the two year anniversary of this program and while we are excited and honored to continue, we hope that this is the year we will be able to gather in person. To date we have hosted over 50 gatherings and connected with over a 1,000 community members from Portland, the PNW, the US, and abroad. The Resilience Series has explored a universe of topics including mutual aid networks, mental healthcare, family dynamics, vaccines, play, rest, poetry, creative practice, civic engagement, ceremony & ritual, whole-body wellness, and so much more.

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