About TARO:

Teaching Advocacy and Radical Organization (TARO) is a ten week youth hybrid program that enriches mental, physical, and sexual health education through community relationship building, collaborative learning, and culturally enriched curriculum. TARO currently centralizes Pacific Islander youth in Multnomah County, with the intention of recurring and expanding annually. TARO programming and curriculum honors that Pasifika youth have unique needs and rights to understanding their identities, bodies, histories, and futures. TARO aims to address discrepancies in Pasifika visibility, representation, and access to culturally specific resources and spaces. 

Description of Work:

We are looking for a graphic designer to collaborate and design digital collateral with a community-centered look and feel for promotion of our TARO Cohort application process. This project runs between September-October, with deliverable deadlines varying depending on the item. The vision is to have one cohesive design/element used for multiple formats.

Graphic Design themes:

Ocean, Tribal, Cool-toned Blues

The pieces include:

  1. Image banners for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  2. Image banner for Emails/Blog
  3. All vector files

Participating artists will:

  • Be paid $1000 for the commissioned work
  • Co-own the artwork with APANO CUF and receive recognition where applicable in instances of the artwork

How to Apply