APANO believes that arts and cultural practices can drive profound political, social, economic, and cultural change. As one of our core strategies, Cultural Work mobilizes artists, cultural producers, and community members to amplify their voices, influence popular narratives, and build power.

Since its formal inclusion in APANO’s Strategic Plan in 2016, APANO’s Cultural Work program has grown and developed into a unique, culturally-specific resource for our communities. Using a variety of cultural strategies, we organize over 100 artists and creatives through our Arts & Media Project, challenge gentrification and displacement through creative placekeeping projects, and regularly commission artwork that supports our advocacy agenda.

By coming together to tell our own stories, push back against harmful narratives, and imagine the future that we want to live in, Cultural Work intentionally works on culture as a dynamic arena of possibility and change. Join us in harnessing the power of creative expression!

If you’d like to learn more about our programs, become an AMP member and/or receive the Cultural Work Roundup, contact Grace Kwon, Cultural Work Interim-Manager, at grace.kwon@apano.org. Follow @amppdx on Instagram for updates and offerings!

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