Through an organization-wide leadership development model, APANO aims to grow the analysis, skills and confidence of Asian and Pacific Islanders to take action to improve their lives and achieve social justice for future generations. We meet people where they are, ask critical questions, discuss the issues that are impacting their lives, collectively develop shared analyses, and support them in taking action and leadership together. In doing so, we are building the capacity of those most affected to take collective action for stronger, healthier and more resilient local communities, supporting an organized movement for long-term systemic change. APANO is particularly focused on ongoing organizing and support for young people (e.g. youth and students) to build up the next generation of leaders.

Started in Summer 2017, the CHHI fellowship is a workshop-based cohort program focused on analyzing the connections between and root causes of the housing crisis, climate change, and community health. This program is an annual, 6 workshop session, application-based organizing and advocacy training program which aims to prepare participants to take on increased leadership roles within decision-making bodies in their communities.