APANO responds to shooting tragedy in Atlanta metro area

CW: Racial- and gender-based violence


Heartbroken. Enraged. Devastated.

We are reeling from the painful news from the Atlanta area yesterday and grieving the eight lives that were lost – including six Asian women – by acts of gun violence. To the victims and their loved ones, to API communities and partners on the ground in Georgia, we […]

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APANO Condemns the Cruel Rescinding of DACA

Five years ago, the United States government created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Program. Nearly 800,000 people took the courageous step to apply for DACA – including over 11,000 Oregonians, and over 100,000 identifying as Asian and/or Pacific Islander. That’s 800,000 young adults who have been able to contribute to their […]

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Joint Statement on COFA and Executive Orders

Joint Statement on COFA and Executive Orders

COFA Alliance National Network, APANO, Micronesian Islander Community of Oregon, Oregon Marshallese Comunity, ACLU of Oregon, Palau Association of Oregon

February 20, 2017

We want to acknowledge that there are recently published news reports that have stated that an Executive Order (EO) from the White […]

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Immigration (CIR) Update from Washington DC

 APANO is a local partner of the National Asian American Justice Center, which is taking the lead on Comprehensive Immigration Reform representing the voice and concern of our communities.  One of the biggest issues is advocating for family reunification and ensuring that immigrants receive equal opportunity to succeed in American and not […]

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