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It felt so good to gather again in person. We called on you, our community, and you showed up in a big way. We are so unbelievably grateful for you. You all came through, raising more than $85,000 for APANO and APANO CUF! Thank you for all that you do to support our […]

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Trust, Love, and Exploration – 1 Year of Shared Leadership

Trust, Love, and Exploration – 1 Year of Shared Leadership

By: Allie Yee, Amy Powers, and Kim Lepin

Shared leadership has been a big topic in the nonprofit sector, and at APANO and APANO Communities United Fund (CUF). The sector is experimenting with different models of shared executive leadership — two people, three […]

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Help APANO Tell Senate Republicans to Get Back to Work!

Senate Republicans are denying the will of the voters, who have made it clear — time and again — in no uncertain terms, that they oppose costly walkouts. And they are walking out over issues that Oregonians overwhelmingly support: the right to make our own healthcare decisions, to access abortion and the care […]

A Love Letter to Community in the New Era of COVID

Oregon’s COVID-19 emergency declaration was withdrawn April 1, 2023. The federal public health emergency (PHE) is set to expire May 11, 2023. As a result, we know additional changes are coming to the resources and programs made available in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is what you need to know. This is what this new era of the COVID means to us. This is our love letter to our community.

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一封在 COVID (新冠肺炎) 新纪元写给社区的情书

俄勒冈州的 COVID-19 紧急公告已于 2023 年 4 月 1 日 撤回。联邦公共卫生紧急状况 (PHE) 将于 2023 年 5 月 11 日到期。因此, 我们知道为应对 COVID-19 大流行而提供的资源和计划将会有很多变化。这是您需要知道的。这就是 COVID 新纪元对我们的意义。这是我们写给社区的情书。 我们知道这是一个动荡、前所未有的时期。随着在联邦层面的变化, 我们已经看到有历史性支持经济和减少贫困的计划和政策正在逐渐消失, 例如在 2022 年大流行时期租户保障和在 2023 年 2 月额外的紧急补充营养援助计划 (SNAP) 支持的结束。

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